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Is John Krukowski, DCH a Fraud?

John Krukowski - Bangkok - is he a fraud?

John Krukowski is supposed to be a world-renowned hypnotherapist who is now living in Bangkok, Thailand.

His cheesy website gives the following outline:

Please note that I am properly credentialed and registered to work in Thailand with a fulltime practice in Bangkok.

Others may not be and attempt to work illegally in Thailand.

Thailand company registration number 0105548038655

Specializing in Relationships, Sexual Issues and Pain Management

I sadly stumbled across him and his 1970’s-styled site from an article posted in StickBoy Bangkok which made for an interesting read. If you’re a guy living in Thailand then you’ll know that suffering from cock problems can certainly happen. There are a great many young Thai women here who are all willing sex partners. Most guys have that ‘inner cock demon’ questioning their performance. I was one.

John Krukowski is an American, with a gilded tongue. He has had many years to refine his marketing strategy to hook you in. By that I mean, he knows how men are vulnerable when it comes to their dicks.

He snags you with marketing bait including ‘His Limited Time’, ‘Do You Have What It Takes, ‘His Premium Hypnotherapy Gifts’, ‘It Has Worked for Many Guys Before’, and blah blah blah.

OK, but I thought the pricing at 24,000 baht (for multiple sessions, I think it was 10) was a bit steep. I didn’t know and surmised Professional Hypnotherapy is probably more expensive than a traditional Thai noodle lol

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What’s Wrong with John Krukowski’s Methods?

Well, for a start, he sends out all the wrong signals about being a professional.

  1. He works out of his Bangkok condo/room
    • This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. However, it is a cluttered, overstuffed area with shit scattered, from floor to ceiling.
    • It’s dark, dingy, and dirty. This demonstrates his personality too.
    • He is grossly overweight, giving strong signals of his own disorders. Perhaps he needs to see a hypnotherapist himself and get his life and health in order
  2. His quote ‘I am properly credentialed and registered to work in Thailand’ means nothing.
    • His main clientele is going to be foreigners and will be taking his statement at face value.
    • He demands payment to be in cash and paid upfront before he does any of his ‘work’. That’s dodgy from the get-go.
  3. I was somewhat dubious from all his puffing and bravado and started asking him questions:
    • How do I know that he can actually hypnotize me?
      • Well, he said, only people with low IQs are prone to not ‘going under
      • In hindsight, this is an ideal retort since no one is going to admit they’re stupid.
    • How am I going to know that he (John Krukowski) has hypnotized me?
      • No one is going to know because he makes it that way. He explains this method provides a stronger Hypno-bond
      • Again, in hindsight, that was another bullshit answer but plausible to anyone who has no clue about the subject.

Anyways, I paid the charlatan’s money and we got to work.

I wanted to maintain better sexual performance since I’m getting older. A guy’s dick gets lower performance as he gets older. I wanted to maintain stamina and firmness since my Thai partner and I love sex every few days – more is better for her.

The fraud writing was on the wall the moment John Krukowski started pulling out his old aging ‘How to Quit Smoking’ binders. I mean these things were decades old – faded and hadn’t seen a refresh.

There was no hint of hypnosis. It was all about wading through these shitty binders.

You would think a Professional Hypnotherapist would have hypnosis skills in making patients quit smoking, wouldn’t you?

Well, not this cheater. It was all about explaining to me, from his aging photocopies, that smoking needed to stop.

Yeah, well, I know smoking isn’t good and causes performance degradation.

But once a week for several weeks, I continued to see John Krukowski and every week out came these fucking binders that are full of decades-old anti-smoking photocopies.

John Krukowski presented no suggestion of starting any hypnosis. He’s a cheat, hypnotherapist fraud, and a down-right charlatan who is living off the woes of other people.

With that description, you’d have to agree that John Krukowski is basically a leech on society.

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