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John Krukowski in Thailand. Is He Living Off Past Success?

john krukowski fraudster image

As I have stated in my first post, I firmly believe John Krukowski is full of bunk, bravado, and bullshit.

But I wonder if his scams are just him trying to survive in Bangkok, the best he is able. Is he perpetrating his rip-off hypnotherapy practice, based on some past professional success? Is that it?

In a Stickman Bangkok editorial from 2017, ‘Stickman’ wrote a lengthy piece on John Krukowski. Here’s the post’s leading paragraph:

On another deathly quiet night in Bradman’s on soi 23, an Irishman delighted in telling all who cared to listen – as well as those who didn’t – his story about “gun control”.  He had, he was very pleased to advise, regained control of his gun.  As soon as he saw his target his gun would fire.  Premature ejaculation.  Said Irishman had travelled half way around the world from Dublin to Bangkok to engage the services of a renowned hypnotherapist who specialises in helping those with such issues.  He wouldn’t shut up and regaled us with tales of how he had made use of the local resources, namely nearby Soi Cowboy, to confirm that his gun was now working how it should.  The Irishman had sought help from Bangkok-based clinical hypnotherapist Dr. John Krukowski.  I’ve known the good doctor for some time and thought it about time we had a chat about men’s issues.

Stickman Bangkok – June 4th, 2017
Nothing like John Krukowski
Nothing like John Krukowski 🙂

In hindsight, and after reading the article again, it’s an obvious piece slotted into Stickman’s blog and paid for (even written by) Bangkok-based John Krukowski.

Why? Read the above paragraph again.

  • Some guy traveled from Dublin to Bangkok? I mean really?
    • There are no other local or nearby professionals in this area? This is a common issue with men. No person in their right mind is going to travel such a distance to see some fraudulent quack unless said quack wrote the paragraph himself.
  • Bangkok-based clinical hypnotherapist kinda sounds like someone is really blowing his own horn, right?
  • ‘renowned hypnotherapist’ is another ego-written phrase I am certain of.
  • Stickman was obviously short on cash and/or was presented with lots of Thai Beer Bar money by a big man needing to prolong his waning Bangkok-based trickery.
  • Who approached who is irrelevant though, right? It’s click-bait to entice men to doubt their dicks and shell out hard-earned money to the fraudster, John Krukowski.

Is John Krukowski Living Off His Past?

Without question, he would be. Let’s take a look at why though.

Thailand is a popular destination for foreign men who are down on their luck and running out of money. This is just life and reality. Is it the case with John Krukowski? No idea but it would be a factor, I would think.

His Internet profile (after numerous searches) suggests he is a member of many Hypnotherapy Associations. Sadly, these businesses all look shady, unprofessional, and questionable. Compare them to well-known associations and you’ll get the idea.

My thoughts are that John has picked hypnosis as something he can make money from. He’s set himself up on questionable Hypno-websites which gives him some baseline reputation. And then proceeds to use his silver tongue to line his pockets, off the back of unknowing souls. All very plausible indeed.

He’s chosen Bangkok in Thailand as an ideal hunting ground too.

  • Foreign men are always on the look-out for sexual performance enhancements – hypnosis would be ideal for customers
  • Foreigners aren’t likely (or even know) how to report bunko John Krukowski to any Thai authorities, given language difficulties
  • Many foreigners will only be in Thailand for a short time. Or they won’t care about being ripped off by an imposter for John Krukowski’s bogus hypnosis fees. (I put it down to a learning experience in fraud, deception, deceit, trickery, and spotting an asshole)
  • Old John lines the pockets of a well-known Thailand blogger and provides the blogger with his ‘ clickbait’ back story, containing his sham credentials and yet another fabricated tale of a man who’s regained super-sex powers
  • Welcome to the gravy train, John. Even if it’s based on extreme dishonesty and deception.

I surmise John has gone through some hard times in his country.

He needed money to survive.

He chose Bangkok in Thailand due to the low cost of living.

John Krukowski brought his old ‘quit smoking’ and aging hypnosis photocopies with him and set up a bogus Bangkok-based clinical hypnotherapy practice.

Did I mention John’s professional hypnotherapy practice is dingy, dark, moldy, and over-cluttered with crap from floor to ceiling? Yeah, right, professional.


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